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Hi Dr. Warmuth,

My hubby was so thrilled when we received the fruit basket. That is his very favorite, he loves fruit! like I said, you are the best dermatologist I have ever known. Also, you are a very caring and devoted doctor! In my lifetime, I have had three different dermatologists and you are the BEST! Thanks again for everything!

M & K

I went to Dr. Warmuth in her Elmer office to check out a rash on my face I could not get rid off for several weeks. It drove me crazy looking at my face in the mirror.

I was really nervous. Turns out Dr. Warmuth was just great. She and her staff were so understanding, encouraging and caring, I could relax right away. She knew right away what I had. She gave me a prescription and samples to save some money. It worked right away. Now I feel great because I look great again. I get lots of compliments. Thanks Dr. Warmuth!

N.W., 26

Dr. Warmuth is just amazing – She knows how to bring out the “younger you” with the eye of an artist and the treatment precision of a skin surgeon. I went to her at the Dr. Warmuth Skin Care Center for help for my face, which started to droop and I felt like I am turning into my mom. She put me back on track with her flawless filler injection technique and constantly up dated treatment skills. And I did not even bruise. Just wonderful.

J.K., 55

I have been seeing Dr. Warmuth for several years and thanks to her I have survived several skin cancers, two of them on the face and one was a melanoma. She is such a good skin surgeon, I can’t even find the scars anymore. I trust her with my family, and my life. Such a professional, caring doctor. Her staff is so helpful as well. They are just great. Thanks to all of you.

C.A., 45

I was in the office as a first time patient, and I was immediately impressed by the attentive, friendly staff helping out with any question never being annoyed. Then I met the doctor. She was very caring and professional and performed a “full exam.” I again was impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail. Three suspicious moles had to be removed. I got nervous, but Dr. Warmuth numbed me up I did not even feel it. She reassured me all the way with the help of her wonderful staff, and it was done painlessly. I cannot even find the marks. Everything healed so well. By the way, the office was very clean. I liked the warm colors used everywhere. I trust Dr. Warmuth and her staff and will be back with my family.

C.W., 60

Dr. Ingrid P. Warmuth is a brilliant Dermatology Surgeon. She is a sincere, caring, honest professional. We patients are the fortunate ones to utilize her knowledge.

C.L., 71

Mary talks about how she feels more comfortable and younger looking from the treatments she’s had with our office.

Kim talks about how our office helped diagnose and treat her three different types of skin cancer.