We've Hit The Airwaves!

Warmuth Institute is on the radio!
Warmuth is on the radio!

Turn It Up… Warmuth Is on the Radio!


If it seems like everyone is talking about Warmuth Institute of Dermatology, it could be because you’re hearing us all over the radio! No, Dr. Warmuth isn’t switching careers and becoming a DJ. But she’s extremely excited to be using the airwaves spread the word about services that can help people look and feel better!

We love radio because it gives us a full 60 seconds to explain what we do, how certain treatments work, and what you can expect. We’re big believers in transparency and education, and radio provides a valuable platform for informing listeners about our services.

Listen for Warmuth Institute of Dermatology on:

We understand that all of the information and education in the world can be helpful, but there’s nothing like as a success story from a person you trust. Some of your favorite DJs have received body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting, so we encourage you to tune in and hear about their experiences.

SoJO 104.9 midday host Heather DeLuca even allowed a video to be taken of her CoolSculpting treatment and posted it on the SoJO website! Heather was so happy with how CoolSculpting helped her love handles that she went back to see Dr. Warmuth for treatment on her lower abdomen. 95.1 WAYV midday host Jennifer Knight blogged about her CoolSculpting experiences on the WAYV website. Read her posts here and here!

Listen to all of the stations listed above for information and special offers on CoolSculpting and other treatments. We’re thrilled to be involved in upcoming radio station events and promotions, like the upcoming XTU Ticket Run on Saturday, May 7 from 10am – 11:30am at our location on 420 Front Street!

Listen for Warmuth Institute of Dermatology on your favorite South Jersey radio stations, and contact us to schedule a consultation!